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Workers’ compensation insurance premium fraud is a serious problem. Not only is it illegal, it adversely affects the bottom lines of producers and carriers, and leads to higher insurance premiums for honest businesses. It causes a loss in commission for agents, creates an unfair business advantage for the perpetrator (affording a “bidding/sales advantage” due to their reduced operating costs) and has a negative impact on a state’s rate-making system. 

Workers comp fraud is a large crime in America today. Tens of billions of dollars in false claims and unpaid premiums are stolen every year. Scams are forcing premiums higher — draining business profits and costing honest workers their pay and jobs.

​Workers' compensation insurance fraud occurs in simple and complex schemes that often require difficult and lengthy investigations. Employees may exaggerate or even fabricate injuries. At the other end of the spectrum, white-collar criminals, including doctors and lawyers, entice, pay, and conspire with others to defraud the system by creating false or exaggerated claims, over treating, and over prescribing harmful and addictive drugs. Insurance companies "pick up the tab," passing the cost onto policyholders, taxpayers and the general public.