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​TDLR License#  06509393C

VSF LICENSE#     0650938VSF

C.a.r.s. Certified
LIcensed, bonded and insured

We have a licensed arson investigator on staff.

Arson investigators are called to the scene of a fire when an intentional start is suspected. They are employed either in the public sector by police and fire departments (and other municipalities) or by insurance companies, attorneys, private investigation firms, and other organizations. Arson investigators receive their training from a variety of areas and may choose to become certified.

Arson investigation is part of the more complex science of fire investigation. The job of an arson investigator is to figure out whether or not a fire has been intentionally set. Some arson investigators are employed as police officers or firefighters.

​Arson investigators gather evidence and conduct interviews concerning fires. Since they usually arrive after the fire has been extinguished, they need to ask detailed questions of witnesses and firefighters in order to gather a picture of how the fire behaved and whether anyone noticed anything unusual. They are often called to provide testimony under oath concerning their methods for gathering evidence; therefore, they must keep detailed notes on their investigations and file formal reports.