C.a.r.s. Certified
LIcensed, bonded and insured

We can recover any large vehicle that has gone into arrears. 


We offer a full menu of vehicle repossession and repossession-related services for all of the South. With years in the recovery business, we have built a reputation as a leader in the recovery industry, with the highest standards, and the most qualified staff. We can safely and efficiently secure any collateral, giving our clients the peace of mind they deserve.

-Gulf streams and other aircraft

- yachts and other MARINE REPOSSESSION

- 18-wheelers and other AUTOMOTIVE REPOSSESSION

- prevosts and other motor homes

- oil field equipment

- oil field wells

- Commercial equipment repossession

- Large vehicle repossession

- Motorcycle repossession

- Office and medical equipment asset recovery

- Construction equipment recovery

- Industrial equipment asset recovery

- Skip-tracing services

- Secured asset storage

- Secured personal property storage

- Secure and damage-free asset transportation

- Lock-smithing services


We specialize in oil field recovery. Updates are provided within the first 24 hours; along with descriptions of residence, property, vehicles in the immediate area including license plates, and digital photos if requested.

​Our full range of services are offered on an integrated basis or individually, tailored to meet our customers’ needs:

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1604 South Moody Blvd., White Oak, Texas 75693

​TDLR License#  06509393C

VSF LICENSE#     0650938VSF